A quality retirement community is more than just a place to stay; it’s the location where your loved ones will be able to pursue their passions. GreenTree At Westwood offers an exclusive lifestyle with a variety of benefits.

Private Domiciles

Members will reside in private quarters where they will have plenty of time to engage in the activities they enjoy, such as reading books or newspapers, watching television or listening to the radio. Meals may be enjoyed in privacy if members don’t feel like socializing or they don’t feel well. Our suites are spacious, comfortable, wheelchair accessible, quiet and ergonomically designed to ensure that residents always live in the safest surroundings.

Daily Activities

GreenTree At Westwood offers a comprehensive daily activity calendar. This enables members to partake in various events all year round, during the days, nights and even weekends.

They will engage in a wide and diverse range of activities which are designed to enhance their spiritual, cognitive, social and physical attributes. From water aerobics to yoga, cooking classes, crafts and lectures, these events will keep residents both stimulated and entertained. We also provide opportunities for leadership and independence by establishing activities which are resident led.

Kind and Supportive Team

Our support workers, nurses and assistants are caring and affable. They have the training and experience needed to make residents feel at home but also have open hearts with outstanding social skills. They are genuinely interested in each member and are dedicated to promoting an environment where they will feel as comfortable as possible.

Aging in Place

Relocation can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but especially those who have lived in the same location for decades. While many retirees are less than thrilled at the prospect of moving into retirement communities, the care that we provide at GreenTree At Westwood quickly puts them at ease.

Aging in place entails providing support during each stage, from light to medium support as well as 24-hour assistance for members who are suffering from ailments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Stress-Free Lifestyle

Research has confirmed the dangers of stress and the health effects it has on people. This is especially poignant for those who are in the 65+ age group, since they are already susceptible to a variety of ailments. The stresses of daily life which younger people are accustomed to dealing with can quickly take a toll on retirees, increasing their risk of developing stroke, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Becoming a part of our community will allow retirees to live a carefree lifestyle where they won’t have to concern themselves with the rigors of daily life. For instance, we can handle errands on their behalf, prepare meals, and do laundry and housekeeping. This gives members the time and space to focus on the things that matter most, like spending time with their loved ones or engaging in hobbies or activities that they enjoy.

To learn more about our senior living community in GreenTree At Westwood, feel free to contact us today!