When you make the move to an independent senior living community, you will find that you can customize a post-retirement lifestyle to suit your needs and preferences. The best part is that it will be completely maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on the things you love doing. With a 24/7 professional team around to take care of your every need, you will never have to worry about any aspect of your life.

About Our 24/7 Professional Team

Our 24/7 professional team is available around the clock to handle any requests and take care of any emergencies. Below is a list of what they can do for residents:

  • Attend to maintenance requests such as changing of a lightbulb
  • Come to your assistance timely should you fall or meet with any other accident in your apartment home
  • Provide emergency medical services when needed or assist with transportation to the nearest medical facility
  • Serve you three daily meals in our elegant dining rooms
  • Facilitate the daily events and activities that go on in our community
  • Assist you with booking tickets to shows, making dinner reservations, sending mail and other service requests
  • … and more!

Benefits of Having a 24/7 Professional Team in Your Senior Living Community

When you have a 24/7 professional team in your senior living community who is always ready to take care of your every need, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones that you are in safe hands at all times
  • Freed up mental space to focus on your hobbies and interests when you know that your basic needs are taken care of
  • No worries that assistance will not be available timely in the case of emergencies
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Moving into a senior living community can be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Despite being in good physical shape and relatively good health, you may find that some of your needs cannot be met while aging in place. This can be especially true if you no longer drive and have to rely on friends and family to get you around. With a 24/7 professional team available to attend to your every need at GreenTree At Westwood, you can lead the life you wish to live without worries.

Why Choose GreenTree At Westwood?

Senior independent living at GreenTree At Westwood allows you to customize the post-retirement lifestyle you wish to lead. From exercise classes and educational seminars to games sessions and day trips, there is never a lack of things to do both within and beyond our campus. Regardless of your hobbies and interests or whether you just wish to socialize, you can do it all here. Discover what our stylish amenities and comprehensive range of services can do for you or your loved one by scheduling a tour with us now.

To learn more about living in GreenTree At Westwood, feel free to contact us today.