Many people already have an idea of the retirement lifestyle they wish to lead years in advance. However, what these people may not have accounted for is that circumstances can change unexpectedly. Even if you are in robust health and good physical shape, aging in place can present a challenge when it comes to handling certain tasks around the house as well as opportunities for socialization.

Is Aging in Place Working Out?

There’s no denying that aging in place can be the most suitable arrangement when everything falls into place. To determine this, we have to look at three factors:

  • The Individual

What are your wishes and needs? Aging in place may not be feasible if you are unable to or have little energy to attend to tasks such as housekeeping and meal preparation, even if you wish to. If you have stopped driving, getting out to access essential services can be challenging, too.

  • The Place

Where is your house located, and is it the right size to accommodate your needs? If you are the only one living in a family home, housekeeping and maintenance can take up a lot of your time and may be impractical.

  • The Support System Available

Do you live close to loved ones, such as family members and friends? Are you on good terms with your neighbors? Without a strong support system close by, social isolation can creep in with negative effects on physical and mental health.

If any of the above factors make aging in place an unsuitable choice for you or your loved one, you have options. Making the move to an independent senior living community will allow you to customize the post-retirement lifestyle you wish to lead, with all the services and amenities you need at your doorstep.

Your Senior Living Options

If aging in place is not working out for you, you have a number of options:

  • Moving Closer to Family

Moving closer to the family can work out if you are relatively independent and all you need is the security of having someone close by. However, if your loved ones are away most of the day for work and you don’t drive, this may not solve the problems you had when living alone.

  • Engaging In-Home Care

Even if you don’t suffer from a medical condition, in-home care can be engaged to attend to housekeeping duties, prepare meals and provide transportation for you. Another benefit of in-home care is the companionship it can provide to socially isolated individuals.

  • Moving to a Senior Living Community

When in-home care is not feasible or desirable for any reason, moving to a senior living community is an option you can consider. Here, you will be surrounded by peers of your own age and many of whom are able to relate to you. You will never be short of socialization opportunities and activities that can keep your body active and your mind sharp.

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