Are you or a loved one finding it hard to access the health & wellness amenities you need from home? Maybe you have stopped driving, so getting where you need to be is difficult, and you may not know the best ways to craft out an exercise regime that’s tailored to your abilities. When you choose to move to a senior living community like GreenTree At Westwood, you can benefit from the senior health & wellness program we have in place.

About Our Senior Health & Wellness Program

Health and wellness are important aspects of anyone’s life, least of all in your golden years. This encompasses a balanced diet, an exercise regime, as well as holistic health. At GreenTree At Westwood, we believe that health is more than just physical or medical, which is why we focus on all aspects of health, including emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and more.

You can expect routine wellness checks, educational seminars, spiritual gatherings, exercise classes, and personalized instruction as part of our health & wellness program. Whether you prefer to work up a sweat with cardio or start the day with a yoga class, you can personalize your health & wellness journey with us.

Benefits of Having a Senior Health & Wellness Program in Your Senior Living Community

Having a health & wellness program in your senior living community can benefit you in the below ways:

  • Allow you to look and feel your best when your health is at its optimal level
  • Improve mental health when you get active and engaged
  • Encourage interaction between residents and team members, promoting socialization which is good for mental health
  • Ensure that you are in top physical form to continue doing the activities you enjoy for a long time to come
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Even if you are in relatively good shape physically and medically, being isolated at home can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. When you are stuck at home or reliant on friends and family to get you where you need to be, you may not be able to access the health & wellness services you need easily. Our residents at GreenTree At Westwood benefit from having all the health & wellness amenities they need right at their doorsteps without having to venture too far out.

Why Choose GreenTree At Westwood?

Our residents’ health and wellness are our top priorities at GreenTree At Westwood. To this purpose, you can find a range of stylish amenities centered around wellness on our campus. From our senior-equipped fitness center to our beautifully landscaped grounds where residents can take walks, our residents have ample opportunity to get involved in the forms of exercise they prefer. Our professional health & wellness team is always on hand to provide personalized instruction for any resident who requests it. Discover what GreenTree At Westwood has to offer you by scheduling a tour with us now.

To learn more about living in GreenTree At Westwood, feel free to contact us today.