What is it you want most out of your retirement lifestyle? Is it active engagement in the activities you enjoy, getting involved with volunteering opportunities, or socializing with friends? Regardless of the type of lifestyle you have in mind, you can find it in our senior living community at GreenTree At Westwood. Our senior lifestyle program offers you a range of opportunities to keep your body active and your mind sharp.

About Our Senior Lifestyle Program

Our senior lifestyle program encompasses a wide range of activities and events our residents can choose from to discover new passions and indulge in their existing hobbies. Below is a list of what we have to offer:

  • Educational seminars
  • Games sessions
  • Movie screenings
  • Art classes
  • Exercise classes
  • Regularly scheduled trips to area attractions
  • Personalized instruction in our fitness center
  • Themed parties and dances
  • Socialization events
  • … and more!

Regardless of what you love doing most, you can try out new things and hone your existing skills with the variety of events and activities we have on offer. Our senior lifestyle program allows each resident to customize their independent living lifestyle to their individual likes and preferences.

Benefits of Having a Senior Lifestyle Program in Your Senior Living Community

Having a senior lifestyle program that offers you plenty of opportunities to get involved can benefit you in these ways:

  • Allow you to spend your time meaningfully, whether that is indulging in a hobby you have had for years, making new friends, or discovering a new skill
  • Keep your body physically active and your mind sharp, ensuring that social isolation has no room to creep in
  • Surround yourself with peers who share the same interests, promoting healthy socialization and the building of friendships
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

It is a misconception that if you are in relatively good physical shape and have no medical conditions, senior living has nothing to offer you. Our independent living residents at GreenTree At Westwood enjoy life in our community because of the stylish amenities and socialization opportunities we have to offer. When social isolation is taking a toll on your health in any aspect, whether that is mental or emotional, you have options. Make the move to a senior living community with a comprehensive lifestyle program today.

Why Choose GreenTree At Westwood?

At GreenTree At Westwood, you can be assured that no two days are ever the same. Our full-time activities director will see to it that there are always plenty of events and activities scheduled. Whether you choose to start the day with a relaxing session of yoga or having a cup of tea with friends, it’s all up to you. The possibilities are endless in our community at GreenTree At Westwood. The best part is that there will always be a friendly face and welcoming smile waiting for you, regardless of what you love doing best.

To learn more about living in GreenTree At Westwood, feel free to contact us today.