Are you someone that loves to try something new and exciting on a regular basis? Do you enjoy dipping your hands into something new or picking up new hobbies and interests? Maybe you just want to be able to rekindle past interests that you have given up on due to a lack of time or energy. If you’re the kind of fun-loving individual that likes to get out there, socialize, and make new friends, you’ll love our events and activities at GreenTree At Westwood.

About Our Community Activities

At GreenTree At Westwood, we run a wide calendar of events to a broad array of different activities. No matter your interest or lifestyle, we are bound to have something for you. Run by a full-time director, our team is dedicated to coming up with enjoyable new programs so our residents have the chance to stay active, happy, and social. Our programs range from physical programs (like group dance classes), to exciting games (like bingo), to even themed parties and educational programs. Not only that, but not all our programs take place in our community. Some of our trips take our residents into town and the surrounding community.

Benefits of Having Community Activities in Your Senior Living Community

There are many benefits to staying in a place that runs community activities. Perhaps the biggest advantage would be all the opportunities to socialize with the rest of our residents. Scientific studies have shown that increased social interaction can reduce feelings of loneliness, depressions, and risk of dementia. No man is an island, and being able to maintain healthy relationships and be part of a community is pivotal to living a meaningful life and enjoying a healthy social life.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

The choice of when to move into a senior living community is a personal one, and largely dependent on one’s individual contexts and circumstances. Perhaps the best way of deciding is by identifying the benefits of staying in such a community and seeing whether these benefits align with your needs.

  • Greater Medical Support: Most senior living communities run 24/7 medical care and constantly have medical professionals on hand to deal with any sudden emergencies. This may also mean on-site medical and therapy centers that may assist with eliminating the need for long commutes to the hospital for check-ups and therapy.
  • Assistance with Acts of Daily Living and Chores: Most communities also offer an extra hand by assisting you in acts of daily living that you may be struggling with. Housekeeping services may also help you out around the home and handle any pesky chores.
  • Amenities: Different communities boast different kinds of facilities for their residents to enjoy. Depending on your lifestyle needs, you may find that moving into a senior living community may better allow you to enjoy life the way you want to.

Why Choose GreenTree At Westwood?

If you feel like moving into a community that boasts all of the aforementioned benefits, choose GreenTree At Westwood. Our internationally recognized community is known for its professional staff and its resort-style amenities.

To learn more about our senior living programs in GreenTree At Westwood, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!