Has the thought of having a private assistant ever crossed your mind? Someone who can not only help you out in your all-important chores and life management whilst also being flexible enough to attend to other matters if the situation should arise? We totally understand. In this modern-day and age, life can take many unexpected twists and turns, and more often than not, we start and end the day having barely scratched our to-do list. Is it any wonder why we’re so prone to forget about finishing certain tasks? Who hasn’t experienced a mental slip-up, such as forgetting a loved one’s anniversary? At GreenTree At Westwood we totally understand; we offer complimentary concierge services as part of our exclusive senior living programs.

What Are Senior Living Concierge Services?

But what exactly is a concierge? Well, a concierge is someone who can help you with the planning and organization of the events in your life. For instance, if you’re overcome with a particular obstacle, just give our concierge team a ring. Our team of professionally trained concierges will be delighted to help you in physical challenges (such as assembling a cupboard) to logistical needs (such as planning a vacation). Our concierge services are rather extensive, and we provide assistance in many domains. Don’t hesitate if you’re unsure whether we can help, just hit us up and we’ll be happy to advise accordingly.

What Do Senior Living Concierge Services Offer?

Are you looking to arrange reservations at your favorite restaurant? Let us know and we’ll help to settle arrangements for everything, from calling up the restaurant to ensuring that you have transportation. Want to send a bouquet of flowers for your niece’s wedding? Just let us know what kind she likes! Our team of concierges will also be delighted to assist you with all kinds of physical tasks, such as home management or moving and arranging your furniture.

What Are the Advantages of Senior Living Concierge Services?

The biggest advantage to concierge services are that it saves you all the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on time-consuming or tedious (but necessary) tasks. Instead, you can put that time and energy towards doing things that are more important to you. Don’t stress out over making flight arrangements to visit your family, let us handle that so you can instead spend your precious time deciding on an itinerary of fun things to do with the people that you love. Simply consider us as a form of out-sourced assistance. The primary difference being that we’re passionate about being there for you.

Why Choose GreenTree At Westwood?

Located in Columbus, you will find yourself in a cultural arts center. With beautiful and unique architecture, you can spend many days exploring the ins and outs of the city without ever having fully seen all it has to offer! With luxurious accommodations in our community and a treasure trove of attractions in the city, you’ll never experience a boring day again.

To learn more about our senior living programs in GreenTree At Westwood, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!