We live in a time of economic uncertainty. With an ever-increasing cost of living, inflation, and massive changes in lifestyle, many people are finding it harder to cope with managing all these new and increased costs. Living expenses also tend to accumulate as we grow older, as we often spend more on medical services, physiotherapy sessions, and medication. One unfortunate side effect of the change of pace in the economic landscape is that housing rental prices are also constantly increasing due to market demand. This means that the rent you pay on your home today, may be a lot higher in the years to come. Having to juggle all these different financial needs can be challenging to anyone and can lead to a lot of undue stress and worry. In order to mitigate this, at GreenTree At Westwood we are proud to claim that we offer a Rent Lock program in order to provide our residents and their families with peace of mind and a sense of security when it comes to accommodation.

About Our Rent Protection Services

When you stay with GreenTree At Westwood, we guarantee that the rent you pay will remain constant throughout your time with us. We eliminate any and all hidden fees so that you know up-front how much you’re paying and what exactly you’re paying for. We want our residents to be able to live that affordable yet enjoyable life they have always been dreaming off, and we play our part by being fully transparent when it comes to costs. Enjoy the convenience of an annual lease with us, without ever having to worry about buy-ins, long-term contracts, or massive upfront fees.

Benefits of Having Rent Protection Services in Your Senior Living Community

The largest benefit to rent protection services is the sense of security in knowing that you don’t need to worry about unexpected rent hikes. This means that you will be better able to plan and manage your finances.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

There are many reasons why you may consider moving into a senior living community. Whilst we understand that ultimately the decision is a personal one, and largely dependent on one’s own individual contexts there are some signs that a senior living community is for you. One such sign is a need for greater medical support or attention.

Most communities always have medical professionals on standby to assist in any sudden emergencies. You’ll also find that almost all the staff will have some form of medical or emergency response training to provide assistance in the event of the unexpected. Having medically trained staff on hand provides a great many of our residents with peace of mind, knowing that someone will always be able to have their back. Another advantage of staying in a community with medical facilities may also mean that you may not have to travel far for your next medical check-up.

Why Choose GreenTree At Westwood?

At GreenTree At Westwood we know that you will enjoy your time with us. In fact, we’re so certain that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t fully enjoy your time with us within the first 90 days, we will be happy to offer you a full refund of the community fee. We are just that certain you will be satisfied with our services.

To learn more about our senior living programs in GreenTree At Westwood, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!