If you or your loved ones are planning to relocate into a retirement community, you may often have questions, and our team members at GreenTree At Westwood are more than happy to answer them. Below you’ll find responses to some of the most common inquiries we’ve received, and if you have additional questions, you can always contact us by email or phone.

What Type of Medical Services Are Offered Within the Community Premises?

We employ a team of registered nurses who are responsible for the establishment of work schedules and caring for residents. They will administer medication, draw blood and prepare intravenous devices, perform injections and assess the vital signs of patients.

They will also evaluate the effectiveness of care plans and medication, preventing side effects or adverse reactions. They play a crucial role in ensuring that each resident is receiving the highest level of care possible. They will draft clinical assessments regarding the health status of residents while consulting with loved ones to inform them of their health and ongoing care plans.

How Do I Determine the Level of Care Required?

Our team at GreenTree At Westwood will consult with family members to determine the level of care needed for their loved ones. Those who are having the following challenges will likely qualify for an advanced level of care:

  • They display cognitive issues resulting from dementia and Alzheimer’s which include difficulty processing information.
  • They require medical guidance with ventilators, intravenous drips and catheters.
  • They manifest behavioral difficulties such as problems controlling mood and actions
  • Functional challenges such as difficulties managing daily living activities such as toileting, eating and dressing.

How Do I Pay for the Costs of Senior Living?

The majority of families fund senior living through private means, from savings, pensions, retirement and Social Security. Additionally, there are federal programs and various financial tools that may also provide assistance. You’ll want to take advantage of every resource available so that the long-term care of your loved ones can be financed.

Many people want to know if Medicare will cover senior living. However, like most medical insurance plans, it will not provide coverage for extended care, so it cannot be used for the services provided in most retirement communities.

Medicaid is distinct from Medicare and is the joint program managed by states and the federal government which allows those with lower incomes and assets to manage their medical care fees. Each state has specific guidelines but must also adhere to federal requirements. While Medicaid will provide a degree of fiscal assistance for assisted living, it will not cover the room and board.

What Is Independent Senior Living?

Independent living entails a lifestyle which is maintenance and hassle free. Those that become members of GreenTree At Westwood will have access to a variety of amenities such as their own private dwellings along with daily and weekly services such as laundry, maintenance and errands done on their behalf, without compromising their autonomy.

To learn more about our senior living community in GreenTree At Westwood, feel free to contact us today!